The Power of Innovation in Furniture Design

The biggest risk for furniture brands today is not being loved or hated, it’s being forgotten. Globalisation and technology innovation has created new customer expectations and increased competition. Hence, furniture designers and manufacturers need to get different faster. Jaime Alexander, notable international luxury furniture brand whose designs contain the most Read more…

The Rise of Tencent’s Mega Ecosystem

Chinese Tech giant Tencent has been building a mega internet ecosystem which consists of social networking, e-commerce, payment, and cloud services over these years.

It hasn’t been an easy year for Tencent as the company faced an onslaught of negative news by the press…

The ‘Kung Fu’ Culture Behind Success of Alibaba

The company’s aspirations helped it grew from just 18 employees to a giant of 66,421 employees; from a start-up with RMB500,000 (USD72,745) only to more than USD410 billion market value nowadays.

Inside Alibaba’s ‘Kung Fu’ culture is codified in the six core values, which also known as “Six-vein spirit sword” (六脉神剑).

These core values have not only contributed to the success of Alibaba, but it also will continue to