The biggest risk for furniture brands today is not being loved or hated, it’s being forgotten.

Globalisation and technology innovation has created new customer expectations and increased competition. Hence, furniture designers and manufacturers need to get different faster.

Jaime Alexander, notable international luxury furniture brand whose designs contain the most innovative outdoor furniture in the world will continue to stay relevant and agile.

Kojin Grill, the flagship product of Jaime Alexander.

Genuine innovation lies at the heart of every Jaime Alexander product.

“Simplicity, functionality and practicality drive our technology decisions”, Jaime Terauds, founder and designer of the company says of their product.

Indeed, their focus on making a product which not only looks beautiful but affects the quality of their customer’s life in a meaningful and positive way has driven them to innovate and create some of the most interesting pieces in the market.

How do they innovate their furniture? By using technology to overcome impediments associated with living outdoors – noise, insects, climate & inconvenience of living.

Be it their signature integrated grill dining tables or their proprietary thermo-regulated lounges and chairs, the Jaime Alexander line of lifestyle furniture represents a unique collision of technology and design, where cutting-edge tech is woven with the aesthetic.

“Why I’m confident this brand will be successful is there is no other product in the world that provide this same level of functionality,” he says.  

“The technology that we are embracing is really cutting edge. It’s never been applied in an outdoor or furniture setting.”

Innovative Products with Smart Features

He says the company’s flagship product is the Kojin Grill, a teppanyaki-style grill with an integrated cooking element where diners sit around the table.

At their core is the world’s first Wireless Powered Flooring System, which uses magnetic resonance to power their Kojin Grill Lifestyle Hub, temperature-controlled seating & innovative Comfort Rods, which combine industrial anti-phase noise cancellation, insect control & mood lighting, in a single stylish tower.

The world’s first Wireless Powered Flooring System which uses to power their 
Kojin Grill Lifestyle Hub.

“It has a number of features where you can plug-in several systems to the side, lighting system, Tortilla Warmers, Champagne Coolers, and everything is managed through a smart app which controls the table. So, it becomes a lifestyle hub for eating and dining.”

Other than that, they have beautiful outdoor furniture seating lounges which have a solid-state technology to provide heating and cooling.

“So, your seat can be 15 degree Celsius, or you can turn it to 17, 18, 19…”

“It’s very sophisticated, solid-state technology and it enables us to provide unlimited variation in the temperature”, he continued.

The temperature-controlled seating.

Smart Apps to Control the Furniture

Smart furniture is no longer a buzzword but a reality. Of course, thanks to digitalisation, tables, chairs and the like can also offer added value.

Jaime Alexander sees the huge growth opportunities in this industry, which is why they design and build smart furniture that their consumers can control remotely.

Not only the furniture, but they also develop own app – the Jaime Alexander Universal Smart App. With this innovative app, customers can control all the devices in the ecosystem.

What can they control with this app? The app allows them to control all products designed by the company, such as Kojin Grills, Climate Controlled Seats, Separate Programmable Zones, Accessories, Lighting, Roofing, Umbrellas, Fans, and others.

Innovations Abound and Not Just in the Product

When one talks about innovation, it’s not only about the product, it involves the whole supply chain.

Today’s complex supply chains need to be more transparent and efficient. The distributed ledgers, aka, Blockchain technology can solve many of the problems plaguing today’s supply chain, and this space could be the first to adopt blockchain technology on a meaningful scale.

The distributed ledgers, aka, Blockchain technology can solve many of the problems plaguing today’s supply chain, and this space could be the first to adopt blockchain technology on a meaningful scale.

So, that’s why blockchain technology is becoming more important in the future industry.

Right now, players in the furniture industry are exploring the technology to better manage supply chains to allow them to take immediate action to accommodate and manage delays, track progress and get proactive with communication among the parties, such as dealers, retailers and end consumers.

As one of the pioneers in the innovative furniture industry, the entire Jaime Alexander supply chain and logistics infrastructure is being built using Blockchain technology.

Every product has a unique chipset and serial ID embedded inside enabling them to track products and seamlessly manage the distribution, delivery, collection and warranty fulfilment.

Thus, this provides a secure chain of custody at every step of the distribution point from factory to dealers to customers.


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