Jaime Alexander, an up and coming innovative start-up is seeking to disrupt the furniture market with its advanced technology and unique products.

Jaime Alexander is a “born global” business redefining the alfresco lifestyle. They build beautifully creative, highly functional outdoor products which no one has ever built before.

Kojin Grill, the flagship product of Jaime Alexander.

Jaime Terauds, founder and designer of the company says their mission is to make the reality of alfresco dining live up to the idea.

“The uniqueness of Jaime Alexander is what we call as the ‘born global business’, there are no boundaries to where we launch the products and there are no boundaries on who will accept the products. Hence, our market typically is a global business.”

“We’ll be launching in Southeast Asia initially, and then we will be going to Australia and New Zealand, followed very closely by the USA and Europe,” he elaborates.

Jaime Alexander Targets Global Expansion

With its innovative furniture, the company is confident that they will gain a strong foothold in the furniture market, especially with hotels, resorts and restaurants around the globe.

Now, the company is focusing on luxury furniture, outdoor furniture, as well as the smart home market.

“The global markets are large and growing well,” says Terauds.

For instance, the global luxury furniture market is expanding steadily to US$27 billion, growing at a CAGR of 5%; while the outdoor furniture market size has reached US$25 billion with a CAGR rate of 7%.

On the smart home furniture front, although the market is new, it will grow rapidly in the future. Currently, the global smart home market is growing at a CAGR 0f 13.6% and the market size has expanded to US$14.7 billion.

Building Up A Dealer Network

Like other new start-ups, Jaime Alexander has invested a lot of time and resources in R&D, and they’re looking for venture and angel financing to expand into the global furniture market.

“We’re are expecting fairly rapid growth. We anticipate listing the company within 2.5 to 3 years time. We will be listing in the US market.”

So, how are they going to take its business to global?

“Our strategy for success is to build a vast network of dealers throughout the globe who share our passion for the alfresco lifestyle,” Jaime Terauds says.

He further elaborated on their strategy, “We’ve created 3-tiered sales approach include master licensees, licensed dealerships, as well as non-licensed dealerships and agents.”

Its potential partners can either apply the license of opening their own Jaime Alexander franchise or establish an unbranded dealership with the company.

Jaime Alexander brand stores are their flagship outlets that sell its products exclusively. These stores are able to offer the full product portfolio as well as appoint select agents and non-branded dealers below them. With their immersive store concept, customers can partake in active cooking sessions themselves to immerse themselves with the full brand experience.

As for unbranded dealerships, they are best suited to retail locations with complementary product offerings, such as larger format outdoor stores selling a broad range of lifestyle products.

As Jaime Terauds says, “International dealers, agents and licensees are ready or in the pipeline to sell our furniture. They are from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, Europe and USA.”

Other than that, one of their strategies is to empower a small, yet talented team to focus on their respective roles and manage the broader relationships with their strategic partners, licensees & agents.

The Soul Of A Start-up: Entrepreneur & Management

Entrepreneurs always play important roles in start-ups. When investors want to invest in a start-up, they’re not just evaluating the businesses,  but also what kind of person they are going to work with. Therefore, the founders and management team is very important for a start-up.

The core team of Jaime Alexander represents an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs and savvy business professionals who are poised to take on the challenge of building a world-class company with products to match.

Terauds, the founder and CEO of the company, is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 25 years’ experience as a successful business person with a proven ability to delegate, inspire and lead while looking at the bigger picture to create and deliver strategies which achieve business goals.

Well, not just that. The company’s management team have deep experience in furniture manufacturing, IT & software development, branding & international channel creation, intellectual property licensing, global corporate structuring & technology development, with a proven track record of success & execution.


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